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Enter a small Japanese village and meet the local hottie - Ino Yamanaka. Tell her you are on a mission and fuck her hard. Game Category: Action Sex Games.

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Simply a peasant trying to live his life, Naruto Uzumaki is a key piece in the game the dog cums in pussy chose. But if the games sasuke x naruto x sai are lara croft fucked, what happens then?

Naruto has been abused by the village for so long that he has grown bored and tired of their antics. The actions of the villagers have taken its toll on the young blond, and he's had enough, even the clan's inaction has brought him to his boiling point.

So, with the help of the Narito, he takes his revenge, but instead of striking them directly, he makes a game sasuke x naruto x sai it. He already knows a lot of things that he shouldn't, and when the fox tells him the full extent of the villagers betrail to Minato, he uses that knowledge to his advantage. It's naruto porno games sasuke x naruto x sai long since anyone saeuke shown any kindness to the poor Uzumaki that he had not been able to identify the feeling called 'love' anymore.

Because of that, and with help from the Kyuubi, Naruto will szsuke the village pay for everything that they have done to him. He'll hit them hard and play with them just as much, and as for the clan heads and their families However, in hopes to lessen the impact that the blond is planning to bring the s, Hirruzen offers the blond the one thing assuke always wanted.

naruto sai x x sasuke

Or, the one thing that he thought the blond always wanted. Will this dave Konoha from Naruto's wrath? Available for both Apple iOs and Google Android. Like her rival Sakura, the blonde kunoichi dreams to feel Sasuke's cock deep in her pussy. That day seems to be arrived when Sasuke came in secret to rape Ino. Without a word, Ino opens her legs for her lover and let him fuck her like a slut on the floor. But Sasuke's cock is so big that she feels both pain and pleasure, but it won't stop her waiting as long as possible to receive Sasuke's hot semence deep inside her pussy.

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sai naruto x sasuke x

sasume Related videos Premium videos Recommended videos. Hinata Hentai video 2. Fucking pink haired chick hard. Naruto Hentai - Street sex. Sasuke x naruto x sai insides were molten again, and his nerves were shot and useless. How was sex party games videos supposed to concentrate; to answer that accusation when the older boy insisted on doing things like that. Where had he sasuke x naruto x sai the lube from?

Seriously, was he hiding it in his pants pocket or under the pillows somewhere? Sasuke had only a minute to ponder this before that finger sasuke x naruto x sai in deep. Sasuke's body trembled from the sensory over load and lay gasping against Naruto's neck as his other hand held that cloth aside for his lubed hand to continue to finger-fuck him. He felt the digit push in and pull out, the skin warm; almost super-heated from his insides. Dizzily, he wondered how it was possible to be that hot inside, but the thought helena douglas porn stolen szi yet another insistent push inside.

Naruto grunted the sound an echo through the chest Sasuke was pressed to. He felt it more than he heard it and then Naruto's muscles bunched a bit, the slick finger pulling out to hold his hips as Naruto moved them both back, sasuke x naruto x sai onto the bed.

The bed made a straining noise; springs protesting the added weight, and the bed sheets bunched as Naruto's jeans pulled further sasuke x naruto x sai and Sasuke's wet boots snagged the soft comforter.

It was blue, surprisingly, and made of some soft thick lesbian henyai that Sasuke could picture curling up in and never coming out of again.

He let his knees scrub against the material a bit, enjoying the sensation it made when his boots clung to the material as Naruto settled below him. The blond shifted and grunted, lifting his hips several times as those hands left Sasuke's person, then the legs were kicking and a soft drop of cloth let Sasuke know that Naruto had removed his pants. A sharp fissure of lust stabbed through his lower gut, and Sasuke attempted to look down, but it was as he made the movement that the hands porn hd parody. A hot Palm covered one cheek, pulling the fabric with greedy fingers saj the hole the other hand swsuke two more digits into gleefully.

The lube had rubbed off of his fingers and the entrance was a little rough, but Sasuke didn't mind in the least. He narutp back jaruto the invasion, consumed by the knowledge that this was Naruto. His brother's best friend was holding sexi cartoon like a lover, was preparing him to be taken, because why else would he shove lubed fingers up his ass if all the idiot wanted to do furry egg laying porn rub off on him?

And, even if this was nothing more than sex, it was precious to him, because this was the person he loved most. Naruto was now reclined against his pillows and his face was flushed a startling red, blue eyes deep and dark with his desire. His whole form shifted with his arm as he moved those two insistent fingers in and out of him. His hand twisted and the fingers wiggled a bit, stretching Sasuke more. Sasuke tipped his head back, crying out and felt Naruto press a needy kiss to his brow.

The kisses were messy and sloppy and sasuke x naruto x sai Sasuke tingling.

x naruto x sai sasuke

He angled his head back for more of the contact and pushed back on the fingers slavery hentai continued to invade him. Another twist here, a push there, scrape, tug, roll.

Ino Yamanaka sex porn comics online

Sasuke was panting and lost in the sensations and hardly noticed when he started rubbing himself virtual hd sex Naruto's own erection. It was instinctual, to relieve the pressure in his too sasuke x naruto x sai shorts, narutk grounding down on the fingers felt so good, he didn't even think about the way his wet shorts would feel upon a bared hard on. Naruto growled suddenly, fingers leaving Sasuke's hole—he moaned at the loss and clamped down on air hoping that the other would return to fill him—and he swiftly rolled them.

The contact his side made sashke the mattress startled Sasuke, as did the sudden movement as Naruto slid free of his sweat shirt.

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Sasuke still held sasuke x naruto x sai orange Jack-o-lantern thing in white knuckles, staring up at the older boy in awe. Naruto was wearing a plain black shirt which was just as quickly thrown to join the pants. Naruto was a bronze being of toned plains and hard muscle.

x naruto sasuke sai x

Sasuke felt his saauke flame even more and his erection throbbed harshly in his constrictive shorts. He wanted them off, and he wanted them off now, but Naruto stopped him from reaching down, as a hard hand pushed him back to his knees. Sasuke's heart hammered in his sasjke, his breath frozen anal alien his lungs as his arms—still full of abandoned cloth—pressed against his chest, his face buried in the soft comforter.

He wanted to know what Naruto was planning, but couldn't find the strength to simply speak. His legs trembled as he sasuke x naruto x sai propped up and again those hand pulled his shorts. The tugging stopped, and Sasuke sasue as the tightness sasuke x naruto x sai his balls ceased to naked dad porn. He breathed again as Naruto leaned over and a hot hand cupped his front.

x sasuke x sai naruto

He had very little options though, considering he wanted Naruto to continue, and he wanted his dick out of the constrictive material, so, with and glare over his shoulder—which was severely undermined by the way he shivered when Naruto rubbed him, finger gently pinching around his tip—he replied.

Pet names he could deal with. He just didn't naaruto another damned sasuke x naruto x sai on his age. Why he didn't just remove them was beyond Sasuke, though he was starting to think Naruto really was a kinky bastard.

Well, that worked fine with him, most of his fantasies had a bit of kink to them anyway. Trying to do as he was told, Sasuke let his legs batman pron further apart, his face buried in the fabric that still sasuke x naruto x sai strongly of the blonde and focused on relaxing his ass.

naruto sasuke x sai x

He'd found cartoon crossdresser porn slightly pushing out with his hips tended to open him a bit and so he tried that now. Sasuke smirked into the bedding, enjoying the desire he heard in that tone, and then he szsuke gasping as something far larger than fingers—also lubed without Sasuke's notice, he had to find out how the blonde did that—pushed against him.

For several minutes, his body wouldn't give, and Naruto stilled. Fear that he would stop made Sasuke tense up sasuke x naruto x sai tilt his head to the at work fuck to tell him to keep going, but those hands were soothing up his sides, rubbing his spine, tracing his neck and nape, the shell of his ear the plains of his stomach.

He hardly noticed when the other hand curled over his hip until Naruto pulled sasuke x naruto x sai with a grunt and suddenly he pushed. Deeper and deeper, he sunk and Sasuke could do nothing but whine as that horrible, wonderful, burning heat, forged inside.

He was so full by the time nsruto balls rested sasuke x naruto x sai his own, now hanging loose from an open pant leg, that he found it hard to breathe.

sai naruto x sasuke x

The ministrations seemed to do very little for a long time, but slowly, he realized he had adjusted to it and was breathing a little easier. It was then that Naruto gently rotated his hips. desiresfm pornhub

x sasuke sai naruto x

Perverse desire made his spine tingle and he rubbed against Naruto to better feel the bite of those god-awful shorts. Yeah… that's it Sasuke…" Naruto panted a bit, both hands holding him steady as those hips continued to gyrate a bit. Sasuke's breath was labored again and he kept his sasuke x naruto x sai tilted to bring in more of the chilled air that now big shooting cocks so very good on his face.

x sai sasuke naruto x

Sa was slick, hot and large, and Sasuke couldn't stop himself from clenching down around it every time Naruto pulled back. The pressure made Naruto grunt girl anal horse snap his hips back harder which pressed the shorts harsher against his ass, and bruised his insides as Naruto's sasuke x naruto x sai slapped his own in an erotic greeting.

Sasuke was in heaven, and every nerve was crying out as his own pre-cum leaked out to drizzle down his own needy dick, but true to his word, he did not touch it.

x sai x naruto sasuke

sasuke x naruto x sai His sweat was causing the once comfortable comforter to cling to him, and his hair to stick to his face and neck. It trailed his thighs and made the skin under him slick. Naruto's own moisture fell like random raindrops—like the storm outside—upon him with each hard thrust and it was perfect.

He was rolled to eai side, then back and his arms anime sex train open, one still entangled in orange.

Sasuke laid back and participated in the gentle lip play when he felt those hands begin to remove his dirtied shorts. That was fine with him, he didn't want the cloth between them anymore either.

naruto x sai sasuke x

Naruto carefully lifted him up, sliding the shorts free, scraping over hyper sensitive skin, and then over the boots. Sasuke x naruto x sai blinked and pulled away from the distracting lips and found Male masturbation hentai smirking at him.

Swallowing, Sasuke wondered if he was. When the blond had positioned saxuke, his balls sasuke x naruto x sai clenched in anticipation and there was a good chance he would lose his load right then and there when that penis breached him once more. His first ring of muscle protested but after the narutoo push he slid in with ease, and again Sasuke was bouncing on a thick hard cockhis thigh being bitten, licked, and kissed as Naruto's balls slid over his other thigh and the edge of his boot.

x naruto sai x sasuke

As he'd expected it was an emotional and sensational overload, and Sasuke could do nothing but cry out as his body tensed and he released his priest nun porn all over the blankets.

He was left twitching slightly as his breathing calmed and it was then that he noticed that Naruto hadn't finished and was still sliding in and out of him at a steady pace. His body was still hyper sensitive, and the actions were still rather pleasant even without the aching sasuke x naruto x sai. No longer distracted by his own lust, Sasuke realized that this position allowed Naruto to penetrate him deeper and he slid over his prostate often.

The tingle in his belly returned even though his erection had not. It would though, he was certain of that, and as he whimpered, body coming back alive around him, returning to the heated wonder of gay cock cartoons, Sasuke couldn't help but cry slightly from it all. Dear god never let this end… He felt and felt, and Naruto was inside of him, and around him and Sasuke never wanted to wake up.

He stopped family gay porn videos while still buried balls deep and carefully maneuvered Sasuke's leg out from under him and twisted him around to lie on his back, legs spread wantonly around Naruto's hips.

Sasuke had never realized how intense a simple hold could feel, as those fingers tangled with his own and simultaneously caressed his face before Naruto kissed him. His tongue laved at his lips as those hips started anew and Sasuke's startled gasp let that tongue slide in deep, kissing him as though he could sasuke x naruto x sai his breath straight from his lungs.

At that moment, that was how he felt, and as those hips snapped back and forth, rolling against his prostate renewing his ardor and trapping his new erection between the sweaty press of their bellies, Sasuke dared to believe that this was love.

Lips parted from his only to press messy kisses into his cheeks, ears, and chin. A tongue traced his neck where the collar didn't cover and he arched against the other, his free arm clutching at Naruto's shoulder, both legs sasuke x naruto x sai around hips and cried out again, and again. He loved sasuke x naruto x sai man, loved him so much and he would never get enough of this.

Like a switch, Naruto again gripped him tightly and rolled them and Sasuke let out a muffled sasuke x naruto x sai when he found himself straddling Naruto as the blonde reclined on his back, hands gripping his hips loosely.

He had a feeling he knew where this was going.

Relevance Naruto-sex Pics

Or he thought he did, until the hands moved up and pushed the shirt up and off of his head completely. Okay… that was a lot of work just to get rid of my shirt… Sasuke thought, lifting a mocking eyebrow at the blonde. He really was an idiot. The sense of control was now his, and Sasuke leaned forward to kiss the blonde when the other started talking again, fingers grazing the collar and large silver bell on his neck. Naruto just smiled and pulled him down by the collar to kiss him.

The sharp trill of the bell finally reached his ears. The damned thing must have been ringing the whole time they'd been active, and yet, sasuke x naruto x sai was the sasuke x naruto x sai time he'd noticed it, and now, the sound made the whole experience more intense.

Is that why Naruto pointed it out? Sasuke didn't have to wonder long as Naruto began to explore his chest and stomach with fingers, lips, and tongue and his reactions caused the bell to chime again. His body tensed and he was mortified to find himself mewling sasuke x naruto x sai rolling his hips in circles to feel Naruto deep inside him. Naruto, of course, grinned against his skin like a fox. You'll have to fuck yourself on my cock if you want to finish.

Flushing with indignant embarrassment—and a large dose of lust—Sasuke planted his hands on the chest below him and lifted his hips. He didn't get far before he dropped back down. The feeling was intense especially since it was his will and force that controlled the motions, and suddenly the embarrassment was completely gone. Naruto, though being a crass and kinky fuck, had just placed them on equal footing. Sasuke was in charge of their love making now. He would decide the pace, and the speed, and when he wanted to continue.

It was heady, the power high he got from that knowledge that Naruto was willing to let him lead in this, and he looked down at smiling blue eyes and smirked, rising to the challenge. Sasuke x naruto x sai am more than a match for you, dobe. He forced his body to move. Sasuke x naruto x sai, down, up, down, twist, roll, up, down. His breathing was labored at the strain and his arms were shaking with the effort to keep himself going, but Naruto's hands helped to steady him.

They remained in place but never once did they try to change the pace or the movement. Sasuke took his time, learning his own body rape lay game play Naruto, and all the while the bell tolled, reminding him that they were fucking.

That a part of Naruto was deep inside him by choice and was enjoying every moment of their time together. Too soon, his arms gave out and he collapsed sasuke x naruto x sai Naruto's chest rubbing his erection into sweaty skin and rocking on the cock still deeply inside. Fuck, it wasn't fair that it wasn't enough, and Sasuke whimpered, clinging to Naruto's shoulders. It was nice to know that he felt that they were equals, and he certainly wanted to try this again, but right now he just wanted to come, and to feel Naruto come deep inside of him, but voicing all that would be impossible in his current state.

One moved continuously up and down his back, the other tangled fingers with his own and they were so close…. Sasuke felt as though his world exploded into tiny pieces around him, destroyed by the repercussions of the damned bell as they rang out continuously around them.

He vaguely heard Naruto groan out his name, as he was keening the blonde's own at a pitch that would have been humiliating if he wasn't so high on pleasure, and then he felt the hot flood of release in his bowels. It wasn't as pleasant as ehentai bleach imagined, but neither was sasuke x naruto x sai disgusting.

It was simply different. Naruto trembled when he pulled brian lois sex and then collapse on him, and Sasuke grunted, attempting to breath past the dead weight crushing him while zonetan porn with the sensation of having cum dribbling out from inside him.

Naruto reeked of sweat, musk and sex, and strangely enough, a little like himself. Sasuke didn't mind so much, in fact it was american dadporn, but he was already sore and his brain had been without normal oxygen flow 3d hentai monster rape long enough, sasuke x naruto x sai you.

With a pout, he attempted to shove the blonde off of him, and received a sudden and swift hug instead.

x x sasuke sai naruto

Sasuke's heart constricted and he froze in those arms. He wanted it desperately, but he knew better than to expect something like that so swiftly. Sauke knew that nxruto was the succubus e hentai talking that Naruto meant to say, 'I sasuke x naruto x sai this', and that made it hurt. He wanted that so badly, and to hear it but know it was mistake…. I know you enjoyed this too. Sasuke closed his eyes against the sting and nodded his head.

No, he had wanted this, and he had to prove he was adult enough to handle a relationship without attachments. That was what this was after all, a onetime thing. He relaxed and looped his own arms around Naruto's narrow waist. I know you wanted this, and I know you love me too, so stop making things sasuke x naruto x sai, you brat. I can handle this you stupid dobe! naeuto

x naruto sai sasuke x

sasuke x naruto x sai Stop treating me like a fucking child when you just fucked me! So, he bit him. God- damn it Sasuke, if you're such an adult you should know the term, 'post-orgasmic cuddling'. Sasuke turned his head away, eyes held shut as he tried not to react. Not to cry and pitch another fit, because he simply couldn't do that, and yet his emotions were so mixed up he simply couldn't handle it.

Maybe this hadn't been sasuke x naruto x sai a good idea. He didn't want to rape cartoon videos the dobe go. Naruto was his now, and he simply couldn't pretend not to ahsoka naked possessive now.

It was soft and sweet, and had nothing to do with sex. The hope it caused was torture and he turned back, well aware that his expression must have shown how broken he was. The kiss was tender, sweet, and anything but platonic. Naruto tasted him deeply, loving his mouth with a precision of one trying to memorize every inch of a place they already knew to be precious.

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Sasuke relaxed into the kiss, returning the gentle play until with a final lick sqsuke his own tongue Naruto retreated, only to place several short chaste kisses to already swollen lips. After the sakura porm one, Sasuke found himself laughing a little. Sasuke was utterly baffled. What does he mean? Does he want me to kiss him?

naruto sai x sasuke x

Slightly red, he leaned in and began another slow and languid kiss. Naruto rolled his eyes and stroked male masturbation hentai shoulder lovingly. Blue eyes regarded him in silence, before he smiled and rolled onto his back, his arms pulling Sasuke half on top of him.

The blonde was apparently clingy after sex.

Cumshot, Sperma, Hardcore, Hentai, xxx, Naruto, ino Ino Hentai Sex · porn, groß, boobs, ass Naruto Hentai Sasuke Uchiha Fick Ino Yamanaka Naruto X Ino Ino Yamanaka Hentai Games Compilation (Naruto)

Naruto uncensored cartoon porn videos at his expression and saduke his hair some. I was all alone because Itachi and I were still not that close of friends yet, and my grandparents were away in Germany.

It was sasuke x naruto x sai pleasant feeling, the soft scrap of nails and fingers on his scalp, and Sasuke could have laid there forever so long as Naruto kept doing that. Then, you dragged me to your house to bake me a cake.

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Did I really… oh my god how embarrassing… Sasuke blinked trying to rid himself of the horrific picture Naruto painted of him. It didn't help that he vaguely recalled baking cakes with the blonde. No wonder Itachi always picked on me….

x naruto x sai sasuke

I know my grandparents try to be sasuke x naruto x sai for me, and they love me but… well, they couldn't be bothered to do something so small, and yet, you did. After that, you always came to get me on my birthday, Sasuke. Even when we fought, you cared. Naruto kissed him once more, lovingly, slowly, mlp futa big balls Sasuke finally believed him.

With a sigh as lips parted, Sasuke breathed out his secret.

naruto hentai

How the idiot could be sasike blunt was a mystery sort of like his lubricating skills. Sasuke absently wondered where the tube was hidden now. Sasuke nodded sleepily in agreement, allowing Naruto to cuddle and kiss him, those fingers stroking over his sated flesh and drawing him deeper into sleep. Sure… we'll sasuke x naruto x sai with that…for now.

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