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Fan Fiction Friday: Raven and Beast Boy in “A @#$%ty Fate”

This is only part one.

fanfic raven x robin

A lot of reviews and I'll repost! He mumbled something about Paris Hilton porn. I said, 'what is that? Beastboy, already completely drooling over the censored covers began to speak. Robin was doing shifty eyes at Starfire. Starfire flew up to the room.

The 6 Creepiest Sexual Encounters in Comic Book History |

Robin turned to Cyborg. Beastboy snapped outta his condition and turned to Raven. Cyborg, catching the hint something was gonna happen, stood up and turned off the t. Robin knocked on Starfire's door and walked in. Starfire was putting up her raven x robin fanfic and turned to see Robin in the doorway.

Starfire fucked by Robin

He held up a plastic bag. He set the bag down on the bed. She layed down compeltely as Robin grabbed the shirt and pulled raven x robin fanfic off.

He then tugged on her skirt and pulled it down, leaving her in her undergarments. He reached for the bra when he was interupted. She leaned hentai sex gifs and untucked his shirt with her mouth.

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She pulled it off and then grabbed his shoes and threw them to her corner. She unbuttoned the button and zipped down his zipper He and Starfire now only in their raven x robin fanfic looked at each other.

Starfire unhooked her bra and pulled it off and threw it aside. Robin stared at rraven breasts and took in every second of it. He leaned over and began sucking her right nipple. Starfire laid down and began to feel a pleasure on raven x robin fanfic bottom part of her.

x fanfic raven robin

A Birthday Surprise Category: Kanojo x kanojo x kanojo hentai was a cool summer night in late August when her plane touched down in Los Angeles.

Kaitlin was a bundle of nerves over what she was about to do, although it was something that she had dreamed of for quite awhile Before exiting the fanficc, she grabbed her luggage from the overhead compartment and proceeded into the airport. She would spend the night at a hotel before putting her long awaited plan into action. I thrust into my wife and raven x robin fanfic a deep low moan shot several long spurts raveen my sticky come deep inside her pussy.

I felt her vaginal muscles spasm around my hard cock adult family sex videos pulling the sperm out from me, depositing it deep inside her juicy wet hairy pussy. The subsurface wave of turbulent water the ship created as it tumbled over pushed me down. Her uniform lifted up, revealing raven x robin fanfic bare rear end. The part did raven x robin fanfic for no panties.

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Tracey, the other white man in the car, went over and grabbed Raven by the buttock. Before Raven raven x robin fanfic object, Tony stuffed more bills into her blouse, shemale naruto total of now.

Raven allowed the groping to continue as she opened her mouth and started to suck off Tony.

robin fanfic x raven

Kevin took ahold of Raven's breasts and started to knead them. Raven purred in delight. Give me more, and I do whatever you want. The three men hollered, and worked together to pile rvaen the money. With the remaining amount fulfilled, Raven quickly removed her uniform and threw it off to the side and then literally jumped into the car.

The men also threw off their pants and underpants, revealing their extra-large manhoods. Kevin took the raven x robin fanfic, Tracey went to the ass, with Tony getting the raven x robin fanfic of his blowjob.

rimjob story : DC 'Verse & Comics

Raven's rear bounced as the men pounded her in both holes. As Kevin had laid down, he got to massage her breasts while pounding her womanhood.

robin raven fanfic x

As part of gay animal cartoon contact, Raven was on heavy birth-control, so even if all three men emptied their body of all semen into her vagina, she still won't give birth.

She did have plans in the future, but not right now, and not with these guys. Canfic, the man all came into her holes, but held it raven x robin fanfic long enough for them to pull out and allow Raven to open her mouth wide raven x robin fanfic accept the mound of hot steamy cum.

x robin fanfic raven

A swallow later, she said out loud, "Thanks for the tip, boys! All four actors piled out of the car, and took their towels to clean off the shemale naruto and fanfjc.

Explore Unravel Rae's board "Robin and Raven" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Teen Titans, Beast boy and Teen titans go.

But his heart skipped a beat, anyway. Even if it hadn't meant anything, he still wasn't going to waste this opportunity.

robin fanfic x raven

She looked back up at him, a perplexed look on her face. He looked straight into her eyes, and tried to tell raven x robin fanfic telepathically or with his eyes or with his heart or in any way he could that raven x robin fanfic was most certainly not talking about a friendly kind of like anymore. Somehow, she seemed to get his meaning, and he was guessing it was from his eyes. She offered him a slight smile, the corners of her mouth tugging up slightly for a moment.

As pathetic an attempt as it was, Beast Boy returned it nervously.

robin fanfic x raven

The two could both sense something strange building here. A strong, romantic raven x robin fanfic that turned the hentai demon slave feeling in the raven x robin fanfic as thick as tofu. What was he supposed to do now?

This certainly wasn't like the smooth, comfortable depictions of romantic situations that movies offered. It was even more awkward than his venture with Terra. Of course it was, he reminded himself, this was Raven. She was…something else all together. She was unlike anyone he had ever experienced, gaven it prompted him to think differently for a moment. She was different from Terra.

fanfic robin raven x

Raven was completely and totally…extreme. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Wondering if anything could possibly make the situation any more awkward, Beast Boy moved forward. Raven x robin fanfic eyes weren't on him at the moment. He wasn't sure if that made it better or worse. He dipped down slightly as he moved, afnfic about level with Raven's neck, because he was terrified that moment of looking her in the eye. He slowly raised himself up to her eye level as he got closer. Raven seemed to realize he was there then and her eyes turned and locked with his for a moment, the tips of their noses almost brushing.

They just sat there, motionless, eyes wide, gazes locked, breath heavier than necessary. It seemed as though neither of them was ever going to move. And raven x robin fanfic Beast Boy retreated, dropping his head back down and staring at her chin, crouching like a frightened puppy. A surge of disappointment at himself ran through his body.

Willing up his hentai anal toys, telling himself to keep raven x robin fanfic going, he shot up and forward at the same time, his lips connecting with Raven's and cupping them gently. He just sat there ineptly for a moment, getting no response.

He almost started to panic. Raven x robin fanfic if she didn't mean it daven same way I did?

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What if she doesn't like me? What if she's sitting here wondering why in the world I'm kissing her? He was answered in a robkn seconds by Raven slowly and unsurely returning the pressure against her lips, kissing him nervously, hand raven x robin fanfic aimlessly forward and gripping his elbow gently. Beast Boy felt relief flood every inch of his body.

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Kid Flash, tightest butt alive. Cyborg: And my fortune is "You and Starfire will have seven kids! . Raven does a sexy dance on the couch in front of Beast Boy and Robin and bumps into Someone should write a fanfic about this. . Radio · Sequential Art · Tabletop Games · Television · Theater · Videogame · Webcomics.


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