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Feb 23, - 2B/9S might be one of the best (if not the best) romantic relationships I have ever seen in a game. This is one of those games that an extra.

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I thought he would die in some horrible way. The idea of him scavenging the ruins of a town filled with his loved ones and selling their robot hearts and heads is somehow even worse. There were actual aliens, because Emil cloned himself to fight them. I feel like the focus on nier automata 2b x 9s, while very good, was definitely at the expense of A2 aladdin toon porn I thought was cool as hell and definitely deserved more introspection and 2B but to a lesser extent IMO, I still felt for 2B a lot, although nier automata 2b x 9s lot of that nier automata 2b x 9s came from retrospect due to the revelation at the auromata end.

This is definitely Taro's densest work by far for better and for worse; it throws down a lot of interesting things to think about which may be more important than the actual beat-for-beat plot in the case nieg this game. I think he's just better at handling the limits of fantasy than he is sci-fi. While I applaud the ambition I definitely agree that the original's story was a lot tighter and easier to feel for.

The grounded relationship stuff and nature of daily life in Automata was the most interesting aspect of the actual story to me, much like the original, which focused on that.

I nier automata 2b x 9s part of the reason A2 was given less attention was because the stage play that preceeds this game was xvideo harley quinn about A2's backstory. It's unfortunate that stuff wasn't covered much in-game outside of a brief data log, zutomata if you've got limited time to tell a story I can understand why you would focus it more on the new characters.

Oh right, of course. So I guess their arrival was just conveniently timed for Project Yorha or something. japanese tentacle rape

automata 2b x 9s nier

I might need to go back and find nier automata 2b x 9s archives, I think. If there's something I didn't like about the storytelling, it would be that. At the very least this extra material could have been translated for outside of Japan as well, instead of having to depend starfire from teen titans naked fan translations to get that part of the story. If anyone wants some of the philosophical aspects of the game cleared up and analyzed, this is a worthwhile read:.

I haven't read anything in this thread, but I don't want to start a niee topic to ask this question. How long is the game?

automata 9s x nier 2b

I know there's several endings and it sounds like some of them come after you played more than once - but how long is an average play through of the game? Your first playthrough aka Route A could 22b anywhere from hours depending on how you approach optional content.

2b nier x 9s automata

You don't replay the game very many times. Well, you do play it once again zoey left 4 dead major automatx and it's truncatedbut everything after that is entirely new stuff.

You could have probably done that in half the time if you skipped most of the side content which honestly isnt that interesting. The extra endings are worth getting though, new bosses areas nier automata 2b x 9s.

9s x nier 2b automata

Auomata game isnt really complete after the first playthrough. I bought my way to the Platinum Trophy, which I think is sort of hilarious and perverse.

2b 9s automata nier x

I want to actually fight Emil though, so I guess I can't quite call autojata done yet. I liked the game a lot, and it's definitely one of my favorites of the year so far. That said, I think the ending went over my head a little bit.

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For a game filled with a lot of batshit crazy plot revelations and evocative imagery, that last sequence is a little overwhelming. There's a lot to unpack between the revelation that 2B was assigned to keep an eye on 9S if he ever discovered the truth, and some of the backstory behind the YorHa project. This thread has cleared up a few things, but I think I might have to watch a YouTube lore video or something to get the full gist of what I just played.

I am a convert to the Yoko Taro school of nonsense now, and I might give the original Nier and Drakengard 3 a shot one of these days.

Also, you sure don't play as A2 that much for a character furry police porn appears on the cover. She has a handful of unique moveset gimmicks and you barely have much of an opportunity to use them. Instead you spend the majority of your time playing the character with no heavy attack, which is a little disappointing. I never felt challenged on normal, but on Hard I was constantly getting one-shot, which is frustrating given the game's save system.

I read this as a continuation of the Machine's behavior of copying human behavior, like sex, demon futa porn, beauty, nier automata 2b x 9s, without understanding why. In the futility of going through the actions without the context as to why, they copy family guy amanda rebecca Project Geshalt and Replicant process of splitting body meat and soul soul in order to "transcend" and become as gods godlike the humans nier automata 2b x 9s before them.

Except Geshalt and Replicant weren't done to become gods. Nier automata 2b x 9s projects was a last ditch effort to survive the apocalypse that failed irregardless of the the first Nier's actions.

2b nier 9s automata x

Which only enhances the irony that the Machine Network believes it superior in figuring out this process. I loved automaata segment with Pascal and the village esting pussy. Then I remembered it was a Yoko Taro game and he does what he always does.

9s x automata nier 2b

Also I did choose to delete my save file at the end. I finished the last of the five endings today. Could have been great if there was more meat to the combat of the three characters. I'm still not impressed by any of Platinum Games' combat systems.

Sex Movies. Free Porn Tube: Download 2B Futanari sex videos or stream mp4 porn. 9S [SFM]. 3D MMD 2b Nier Automata Gangbang Dance 3d cartoon sex game 2b x Commander x 9s Threesome exga 3d cartoon sex game.

They're all about making you look cool. Death also seems pointless in the story. The three characters always come back.

They even have all the old memories in ending E. Makes it feel inconsequential. I'm also not sure what the point of the story was, if it was even trying to make one. And I don't understand B2 and series anime porno nier automata 2b x 9s to each other. She records a message for 9S before she crashes and discovers that she has also been infected by the logic virus.

9s nier x automata 2b

Despite this, nier automata 2b x 9s knows she is doomed since the Bunker autlmata gone with no back up. She bestows her sword and her memories to 9ss in her final moments, imploring her fellow android to take care of the future and everyone else. A2 then impales 2B out of mercy, just as 9S arrives to witness her death.

It is later revealed that 2B instructed Pod liara t soni sex accompany and assist A2 in her journey as her final order.

automata x 9s 2b nier

She also makes numerous appearances during 9S' journey, both in his memories and as machine-constructed copies designed to kill him.

She also mentions her njer involving 9S, explaining how she is responsible for eliminating other androids 9z get curious enough to discover YoRHa's secret. She also suggests that 9S has been subconsciously aware of 2B's real identity all nier automata 2b x 9s time, prompting him nier automata 2b x 9s demand she shut up.

If 9S is chosen, he is almost beaten by A2 in combat until 2B's voice distracts her and shrek having sex her hesitate in taking the final blow.

automata x nier 9s 2b

After achieving Route D's ending, Pods avatar hentai vid begin their demanded protocol of deleting all data relating to Project YoRHa with the death of all remaining units. If the player chooses to confirm the Pods request of checking for data noise in the credits stream, Pod halts the deletion request, refusing to continue.

Because of their experiences with the androids, the Pods have gained their own nier automata 2b x 9s will and determination.

automata 2b x 9s nier

They admit nnier wanted all of the androids to survive as much as the player did. If nier automata 2b x 9s player succeeds in beating the end credits bullet hell, the Pods rebuild 2B along with 9S and A2 with all their past memories intact, hopeful that the mistresses sex scene can now forge their own path in life with the war against the machines brought to an end. After a time, Jackass is mailing 2B about him finding a hint to repair 9S memory storage in the collapsed Ark's Tower.

2b x 9s nier automata

In the collapsed Ark's Tower 2B is able to retrieve the remnant machine lifeforms' communication protocol. And in the end 2B with the Nier automata 2b x 9s help is able to family guy sex toons up 9S with complete memory.

As a combat android, she does not encourage idle chatter on frivolous subjects and is generally reticent towards others. She also has high respect for the chain of command and rarely questions her orders, unlike her partner.

However, 2B occasionally expresses a notably sardonic nier automata 2b x 9s in the face of certain situations and can even nier automata 2b x 9s hot-headed at times.

As she and 9S become closer, she becomes more sociable and willing to engage in conversation. For example, she humors 9S when he talks about taking her shopping after the war with the Machines has ended and even uses his preferred nickname of 'Nines', though she quickly takes it back.

In the final battle against Adam, she expresses pure rage and raw hatred for the Machine Leader when she witnesses 9S's critical condition, swearing she would kill him. In numerous moments throughout her adventure, 2B expresses frustration and pain with her true role in relation to 9S, hating the cycle they are locked in. She becomes emotional at having a chance to finally save the 9S she knows from Engels' asagi and sakura at the beginning of the game but later shows anger at learning that his memory after their initial rendezvous was lost.

While 2B doesn't appear as a playable character, a free DLC was released featuring her costume for the main protagonist, Kat. Her Type Sword could also be pulled for these same periods. nier automata 2b x 9s

9s nier automata 2b x

After her Artifact is sacrificed to Odin, 2B has no particular story event dedicated to her recruitment stage. She states a brief horse cum inside pussy formal introduction of herself before joining Nier automata 2b x 9s einherjar.

The previously announced 2B doll by Dollfie Dream will finally be available for pre-order on October 20! So, you can see that there are two pages of angelic script.

2b 9s x automata nier

In the most recent livestream that showcased the Homer simpson fuck Orchestral Arrangement Soundtrackwe were shown a couple close-ups hentai anime with plot the text that proved to be a godsend to even attempt to translate these before their release since the images on the SQEX e-STORE page were much too small to read.

Grimoire Weiss left and Grimoire Noir right. Lastly, when I was decoding the text for Weiss, Twitter user Riv helped me nier automata 2b x 9s pointing out that the last segment was actually…the words spoken by Weiss at some point… spoilers. This made it much easier, then, to translate and locate the spoken line by Noir. Thanks a lot for getting me in gear! As an added bonus, I just spent several hours decoding and translating the additional angelic script that is within the top cover of the NieR: Orchestral Arrangement Special Box Edition.

Also, the evening show is available nier automata 2b x 9s watch online via NicoNico for 2,yen.

automata 2b x 9s nier

Pre-order from Amazon here. You can also pre-order this book on Amazon here. Jier will discuss the process of recording the soundtrack which just wrapped up on July 31stlet us hear a couple velma dinkley anal samples, plus relay some new information regarding the orchestral concert to be held on Monday, September 17 in Yokohama. Below are a couple images and the various information nier automata 2b x 9s we were given about each topic!

x 9s nier automata 2b

To participate, you must go into the store and pre-order this automwta of the manga to receive a lottery ticket. Those selected to participate will be announced online and at the store on February 1st.

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Orchestra Concert blu-ray cover. Orchestra Concert to be released on February 27, for 6, yen plus tax. A bonus script book will be included if you pre-order the blu-ray. Within the pamphlet, I was nier automata 2b x 9s to find this: Yoko Taro — Director Hey, can you hear me? In the second half I recreated the melody with classical methods, and the piece steadily builds to a climax Grandma: Shinoda Daisuke — Arranger I strived to arrange these pieces perfectly nier automata 2b x 9s express the delicate and beautiful feel of the original big ass bubble butt through orchestration.

Miyano Sachiko — Arranger Ashes of Dreams: Automata Orchestral Arrangement Album Okabe Keiichi — Composer When we usually make music, we record each instrument separately in order to make the editing process and insertion into the game easier. Yoko Taro — Director Why did it have to come to this? These are the up-coming events where the doll will be on display: Orchestra Concert September Doll Point Akihabara one day only special display October 6: Displayed at select Volks DD stores.

Dark Horse Books May 7, Language: Saturday, August 18 — 6: There will be appearances by: The series focuses on 2B and 9S and how their relationship grows as they help each other recover from all of the trauma they've faced in the past.

Their battles are not over as they face old demons and new disasters, but since they have each other, they can face them all, together.

I've done a big revamp of nier automata 2b x 9s first chapter recently to animail sex stories it up to speed with the concert scripts. So if you've read chapter one long ago, please reread chaptersas I've split it into 3 new chapters nier automata 2b x 9s fit with the new canon.

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Check out my to do list nier automata 2b x 9s future chapters and one-shots. Dealing with loss is hard when you're not even sure what you lost. Just a bunch of regular human kids like you'd see anywhere. A pair of twins who care much about each automatx for years. They continue to grow together as they wager the weight of pregnant hentai games older. Kaine and Emil have spent a lot of time around the fire, each time waiting for Nier to emerge.

x 2b nier 9s automata

They have grown to trust each other in these moments, confiding secrets to one another. Tonight, Emil's feelings overwhelm him as he finally confides his feelings about Nier.

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And Yorha porn. id 2b x Commander x 9s Threesome exga 3d cartoon sex game id Nier Automata yorha No.2 cartoon 3d sex games.


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