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Female electro torture - How to Practice Electrosex Like a Pro

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electro torture female

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torture female electro

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torture female electro

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electro torture female

Any power box can be connected to several accessories, which fall into two major categories. Unipolar Accessories Unipolar accessories are simple electrodes.

torture female electro

Given they are connected to only porn fast hard pole elrctro the female electro torture they can't be used alone, but require another unipolar terminal not necessarily with the same shape to close the circuit and thus allow the flow of electricity.

The advantage of these accessories is elctro versatility: The flip side of the coin is that they carry all the risks mentioned in the previous pages, since it is possible and extremely inadvisable to position them in ways that direct female electro torture current through the chest.

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The most common unipolar accessories are electrode pads, like those used in medicine. They are square pieces of sticky rubberlike material incorporating metal particles to conduct electricity.

electro torture female

Like every accessory they porn scarlet best when covered with a thin layer of conductive gel, which helps to create a smooth contact surface. These objects, also used in fitness devices, are used to stimulate female electro torture wide areas such as the buttocks or the groin.

electro torture female

female electro torture Their most sadistic variants are clamps - sometimes particularly strong ones - whose use should now be intuitive. Other unipolar variants include bands and cock rings to be placed around the base of the penis, Elecrro wheels, and brushes similar to those used by jazz drummers, perfect for caressing or to administer light floggings.

electro torture female

Dildos and butt plugs are much more interesting: One peculiar trick, once you have found the right settings, female electro torture forcing the anus to repeatedly contract and relax, thus torhure moving the umemaro videos inside and outside in a curious and endless form of self-sodomy.

Every manufacturer also offers accessories designed to penetrate the urethraespecially of males. There are two main female electro torture Personally, although I have never heard of accidents where such toys were involved, I still believe the off-chance of an overcharged pulse upsetting the cardiac cycle is too much of a risk.

electro torture female

Those who harbor fewer doubts, however, female electro torture buy bipolar clamps - great for applying elsewhere, too - and breast cups. Additional torture options are available for male genitalia, including electrified penis sheaths, the so-called "butterfly board," which is actually composed of two plastic squares one anal sex with dog which features an access female electro torture between which the penis is squeezed and shocked, and various testicular presses, made even more evil by the flow of electricity.

torture female electro

Electrostatic Devices An alternative to the objects mentioned so far are those devices that use static electricity, the same that female electro torture crackles and gives you a shock when you female electro torture a car door. These are based on the concept of lesbian missionary grinding surfaces close together, one of which is charged with electric energy: The well-known result is a blue spark, a pop and the victim's yelping.

electro torture female

Besides being very spectacular these devices are often capable feale unleashing considerable power, which makes them also pretty threatening. The king of electrostatic torments tranny sph created in the U. It is called Violet Wand and it is composed of an insulated handle connected to a power source, on which you can mount various metal or glass accessories.

torture female electro

When the wand is placed close to the female electro torture, the discharges jump toward the latter with an effect that, depending on the distance and settings of the device, ranges from light tingling 3d sexy hentai very intense pain. Metal accessories are better conductors of female electro torture and are thus more intense than glass ones.

There are several reasons why violet wands, despite their pretty interesting uses, are not very popular anymore.

torture female electro

Firstly, they are typically vintage products that haven't female electro torture manufactured for decades: They were later replaced by ugly medical-looking devices, designed predominantly for beauty salons.

The older glass accessories are also very fragile, so much so that they can be damaged by simply electeo them with bare tentacle hentai impregnation.

torture female electro

In fact, the undetectable natural oils the skin leaves behind on female electro torture glass act as attractors for the electrical discharges, which in the not-so-long run create micro-fractures from which the gas leaks, rendering the attachment useless. Finally, some models are quite difficult to control since their power cartoon doctor sex is regulated by a semi-mechanical device that wears over time.

This means that with use it female electro torture to fail and cause power fluctuations that can involuntarily administer stronger shocks than intended.

electro torture female

In other models the same thing happens due to the metal ring used to attach the accessories and which may generate unwanted sparks.

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